The Morphology of Voksigid.

(Consult the document entitled "The Syntax of Voksigid" for any terminology needed to understand this document.)

1. Predicates will be constructed as two-syllable or longer words ending in a vowel; tags will be single-syllable words that both begin and end in consonants; other particles will be single-syllable words that either begin or end in a vowel or both.

2. Words which can be used as nouns or adjectives (the specific usage being governed by paragraph 4 of the syntax document) will be derived from verbs by nominalizing suffixes which are identical in form to the tag/preposition words. These can be resolved into predicate + suffix, because in all cases the last three letters (consonant + vowel + consonant) will be a nominalizing suffix. As nouns, their meaning will be "noun with the relationship defined by the tag to the predication implied by the verb meaning of the word," e. g. a tag meaning "indirect object" attached to the word for "give" means "recipient." As adjectives, their meaning will be "having the relationship defined by the tag to the predication implied by the verb meaning of the word," so that the same word means "receiving."

3. Suffixes used to create predicates from tags, from other particles, or from strings of particles, will be of the form consonant + diphthong. No simple predicate will end in a diphthong, so that any predicate ending in a diphthong consists of a particle or string of particles followed by a predicatizing suffix.

4. Gender will be expressed by the use of the prefix mas- (for masculine) or fem- (for feminine). No assumption is to be made as to the sex of the referent in the absence of these prefixes. The prefix mas- is altered to maz- before voiced sounds and fem- to fen- before nonlabial stop consonants to avoid prohibited clusters.

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