Voksigid was an attempt to construct a predicate language of a different type from those which had gone before. The first predicate language (Loglan, developed by James Cooke Brown), and its descendant Lojban, developed by Robert LeChevalier, both used word order to mark the various places in the predication. I felt that remembering which position meant which role in the predication might be beyond easy memorization for most people. In October 1991 I made a proposal to the Conlang group putting forward some ideas for a language that I envisioned. I assembled a development committee following that post, and for several months we worked on the language, which we named Voksigid. The language has a syntax which was (as mentioned in the proposal letter) somewhat influenced by Japanese (but reversed; Japanese is verb-last and postpositional, Voksigid is verb-first and prepositional), and a vocabulary based mostly on European language roots.

After some time, I became aware that many of the ideas we were using in the construction of Voksigid resembled the theory of case grammar propounded by Charles J. Fillmore (See also this site for more about Fillmore. Note that he was also interested in Japanese!). Had we been working longer on this project, perhaps there would have been more use of Fillmore's ideas; if anyone would like to consider restoring the Voksigid project, I would certainly recommend some study of those ideas.)

The project was formally ended in a message I submitted as a final report to the Conlang group on July 23, 1992. (Please note that all e-mail addresses shown are no longer valid!)

Anyone who might wish to build upon the foundation of this project is welcome to communicate with me, but at my present e-mail address.

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