Novial: Prefixes

non- not: nonposibli= impossible
des- direct opposite: desutili= hurtful (cf. nonutili = useless)
dis- dispersion or separation: disdona= distribute
mis- wrongly: miskomprenda= misunderstand
mal- bad, badly: malformat= ill-shaped
par- perfect or thorough action: parlerna= learn perfectly
ri- repetition or restoration: ridona= give again
retro- inverse action, backwards: retrodukte= lead back
mi- half: mihore= half-hour
bo- relation by marriage: bopatro= father-in-law
stif- step-: stifmatra= stepmother
ex- late, former, retired: exrego= ex-king
arki- arch-: arkiepiskopo= archbishop
pseudo- pseudo-: pseudoprofeto= pseudo-prophet

These are the ones in Jespersen's chapter on prefixes. Most of the prepositions seem to be usable as prefixes as well. For more details, see the web pages that have been put up giving the details of the chapter in An International Language on prefixes.
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