By Henry Jacob, 1947

Selected Sections

The fact which seems to blind us with excess of evidence is that the language obstacle is most emphatically not a theory but a condition. - Albert Léon Guérard

A detailed comparative study of interlinguistics with full grammatical details of five systems of demonstrated usefulness, Esperanto, Ido, Occidental, Novial, and Latino sine flexione. The theory of 'language making' with a survey of its progress up to the present and reports on the work for specialized nomenclatures

Blurb and Quotations

Quotation from speech by Sir Richard Gregory, Bt., F.R.S.
Preface: The Approaches to Artificial Language, by Harold E. Palmer, D.Litt.
II. Ido (1900-1907) - 1. History
II. Ido (1900-1907) - 5. An experiment in double translation
III. Occidental (1922) - 1. History
Further sections of chapter III at this site
IV. Novial (1928)
VI. A Priori and a Posteriori Principles
VIII. Direct and Indirect Derivation
XII. Autonomistic and Naturalistic Principles

This book may be purchased from the Ido Book Service, 44 Woodville Road, Cardiff, CF2 4EB, Wales, Great Britain. Requests should be sent for free price lists.

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